Tempt Organic Sugar Scrub

AWAKEN - Awaken your senses while your skin has a visible glow.

PAMPERS SKIN - Feel the raw cane sugar and shea butter work wonders on your skin.

EXFOLIATES SKIN - Leaving your skin soft and radiant

SMOOTHS - Gently smooths away dry skin to produce a younger vibrant appearance.

ORGANIC - Let the wonders of nature bring your skin back to life.


Sugar Scrub - 100% Organic

Pure Natural ingredients 

• Reveals healthy skin 

• GENTLE EXFOLIATION - removes the top layer of dead skin, revealing healthy, radiant skin. Increases blood circulation in capillaries & invigorates skin, producing a youthful radiant glow. 

• Our facial scrub MOISTURIZES & REDUCES WRINKLES - Assists in reduction of wrinkles & fine lines whilst MOISTURIZING & REJUVENATING skin. Gentle abrasion removes damaged skin cells & opens clogged pores preventing acne, blackheads, breakouts & blemishes. 

• The best organic body scrub for ANTI-AGING DEEP HYDRATION RADIANT HEALTHY SKIN - Natural Cane Sugar grains are considered by skin care experts, the best exfoliation ingredient. Sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid, helps remove dead skin cells & promote cell rejuvenation. Antioxidants produce balanced hydration, leaving skin SOFT and SUPPLE. 

• YOUTHFUL VIBRANT & GLOWING SKIN - You deserve regular luxurious exfoliation, doing so will leave your skin glowing and youthful. Most common scrubs only remove dead skin. Our 100% ORGANIC ingredients draw out skin impurities, moisturize and feed it, leaving your skin HEALTHY & VIBRANT 

• SUPERIOR QUALITY 100% ORGANIC - Pure natural ingredients. NO Parabens Alcohol Fragrants or Petrochemicals. Cazbe condemn the abhorrent practice of testing on animals, 

Is your skin crying out for organic exfoliation? - Tempt by Cazbe Organic Sugar Scrub is a superior scrub for all skin types 

Our products are produced under the highest standards. MADE IN USA - USDA Certified - FDA accredited If the product appears unsatisfactory, return it for immediate replacement

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